Friday, July 07, 2006

Into July and counting down

So, already a week into July, and about a month and a week
till my birthday. There is a reason why the birthday is
somewhat significant for me this year.

10 years ago, I had been asked to go to a Psychic Fair. I'm
the type of person who reads the horoscopes in magazines
but only believe in the good stuff, so I went to this thing
with more than a grain of salt, to say the least. I mean, I
don't doubt that cosmic forces might have some sort of
relevance in the shaping of our lives, like the moon affecting
the menstral cycle and such, but come on. How seriously
can you take those things, right?

So anyway, there I was at the Fair with a girlfriend of mine,
wandering around the grounds looking at crystal pendulums
and such. The girlfriend I went with wanted a Tarot card reading,
and rather than sit around waiting, I went to a Palm reader.

I walk into the booth, and here was this lanky white guy,
perhaps in his 40s, in a coarse cotton shirt of indefinite color.
I didn't feel any evil vibes coming from him, but I distinctly
remember thinking "flakey." He offered me a seat, and asked
me to hold and meditate on a replica of a Cambodian buddha
head figurine. Right. So I hold this small figurine in my hand,
and he takes my other hand.

To make a long story short, he told me that I would meet the
love of my life when I was 36, and that I'd move to Ireland and
live there for the rest of my life. At the time, I thought, oh great,
I have to wait 10 years till I meet my significant other. At the time,
I had just broken up with someone I'd been with for over 4 years,
and was rather having a rough time dealing with it. 10 years
seemed like such a long time for me.

Well now it's just over 10 years since then, with a little over a
month left of my 36th year on this Earth. Although I am
involved with someone I really love and cherish, I just wonder.
Is he really the one, or ....???


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