Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Hot and bothered ... in a way

I've had a very frustrating day at work, and had to wonder where the
source of all this frustration was coming from. I was on the phone
with a client of mine, discussing the most minutest details of a tour
booklet we were preparing for them. The client (let's call her
Ms Nit-Picky) was demanding that I go to her office to go over all the
petty details of the tour booklet that needed to be changed, along with
complaining how the document did not come out right when she tried to
print because it was created in a size that did not correspond to the
setting on their computer, and that I should bring 2 hard-copies of the
booklet for herself and her associate to go over during the meeting etc., etc..

Ordinarily, I consider myself a pretty easy-going person, and it takes
a lot to provoke me to blow up at someone. I always give the other
person the benefit of the doubt, and I have to be maltreated at least
3 times for me to finally say, ok, enough, I won't put up with it any
longer. And I'm talking here about personal relationships, not work-
related professional ones. And this was a client! Someone who pays
us for what we do!

But there I was, at 3 in the afternoon, sitting in my home office space
sweltering in the heat, cradling the cordless phone against my left
ear, practically biting the head off of Ms N.P. I just don't know what
came over me.

Maybe it was the heat. The high today easily went up above 90 degrees,
I didn't have the air-conditioner on, mainly to keep my utility bills down,
but also to do a small part in saving the environment, so the physical
working condition was quite inhumane, albiet self-inflicted. People tend
to snap easily when it's hot out. But that can't be all.

Or maybe it was PMS. I hate it when someone else ascribes my short temper
to PMS, but I know when I'm being short fused, and it wasn't one of them.
Besides, I'm nowhere near my schedule.

Could it be that I just don't get along with her? Is she one of those people
who, without meaning to, rubs me the wrong way? Possibly. I've known her
for a number of years, but this is the first time I really had to come in close
working contact with her, and I found out a lot of this about her that I was
unaware of until now. Like, she's nit-picky. That she can be hysterical and
get quite worked up over something (that I consider) not that important.
That she needlessly repeats herself (I actually told her I heard her say the
same thing 3 times already -- probably a bad move).

Whatever the reasons, I need to get over being frustrated with her, because
I have to go see her tomorrow after all. Have to put on my best retail smile.
Be nice to her. Try to repair the damage I caused on the phone today, if I'd
caused any damage at all.

I'll finish eating this bar of chocolate, run a warm bath with some soothing
bubbles, and try to think of ways to not let her get to me. Otherwise, I'll
have to spend all the rest of my monthly allowance I'd budgeted for
groceries on chocolate bars!


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