Tuesday, July 19, 2005

About the title

What is it about rainy days that makes it so perfect to reflect on things?

I'm talking about the kind of day that's a bit cool, dense heavy clouds
covering the sky. Not heavy-duty hurricane-calibur raindrops, but a
steady stream of raindrops that actually feels like soft caresses when it
hits you.
On such a day, you either want to curl up in your bed with a good book,
or, instead of reading words put down by others, write down your own
words in a journal.

Perhaps, because of the overcast, there's less distractions in the world
around. You see less of the world because of the hazy screen of rain,
but it still allows you to see things, just not clearly enough, so that
your mind starts to wander and make associations. Sounds, smell, sight
all become reminiscent of something that happened or not happened.

You can either let it all float by, or, you can try ot capture some of the
little nuggets of ideas in the stream by writing them down. I used to do
a lot of that(writing, that is), even when it wasn't raining, but somehow
lost the habit in the transition from one phase of life to another. I've been
letting such days go by without a thought for so long that, in some ways,
I'm afraid I've become a shallow, materialistic person I used to despise.

So this blog is not only a practice in writing, but also a practice in self-
reflection. Kind of like a zen meditation.


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